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Pest control / bird deterrent systems & cleaning

Bird Spikes

Considered the most efficient, non-harmful, cost-effective exclusion device suitable for both Pigeons & Seagull Deterrent. Bird spikes are a simple and effective solution to bird infestations. Despite their menacing look, these things are an incredibly humane solution, and they do a great job of discouraging birds from landing and roosting on the surface they are installed in.

Bird Netting

Inconspicuous, effective and impenetrable Bird Deterrent with a different gauge of netting required for each bird species. All scopes will be assessed to provide the preferred netting required.

Bird Wire

Extremely effective Bird Control solution to protect your ridges, beams, signs, and other long surfaces aesthetically.

Bird Repellent Gel

A non-harmful Bird Deterrent gel that varies birds' demeanour and prevents them from straddling or roosting on external surfaces such as windowsills or architectural features.

Bird Mesh

galvanised and stainless steel Bird Control mesh is typically used for the proofing of Railway and Railroad Bridges as well as the undersides of Canopies to exclude pest pigeons or birds.

Fouling /Guano Removal

We work with partner companies to expand our region of attaining works all around England, offering a cost-effective solution for the cleaning and disinfection of fouling/guano affected areas to include permitted Egg and Nest Removal.


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