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Fall Protection System / Installation & Testing

  • ROOF GUARDRAILS – A portfolio of rooftop guardrails providing collective fall protection. Free standing roof edge protection systems and guardrails for metal roofs.
  • SAFETY GATES – A range of industrial safety gates for use on rooftops and in industrial environments. Self-closing safety gates and mezzanine pallet gates.
  • PLATFORMS & WALKWAYS – A portfolio of solutions which allow people to work safely, whether on a roof, on a raised platform or within a production environment. Rooftop walkways, access platforms, step overs and fragile roof access equipment.
  • LIFELINES & ANCHORS – A portfolio of personal fall protection products used in situations where collective protection solutions are not suitable. Engineered lifelines used for fall arrest / fall restraint protection, portable man anchors, roof anchors and safety eyebolts.
  • SKYLIGHT FALL PROTECTION – Skylight fall protection systems specifically designed to prevent falls through skylights and rooflights: free standing skylight guardrails and fragile rooflight covers.
  • SAFETY RAILINGS – High quality safety railing solutions constructed using tubular fittings and standard tube. Fittings, aluminium fittings, DDA fittings.
  • STEEL FIXINGS – An extensive range of clamping products designed for making steel to steel connections without the need for drilling or welding. BoxBolt® and BeamClamp® products

Free Standing Roof Edge Protection

A free standing fall protection system that does not penetrate the roof membrane. Our Roof Edge Protection is fully tested and meets or exceeds roof top safety requirements.

Roof Edge Protection

A collective fall protection solution for metal profile and standing seam roofs, utilises a standard base plate with multiple fixing centres.

Roof Edge Guardrail

Non-penetrative roof edge guardrail without counterweights, complies to EN 13374 Class A, EN ISO 14122 Part 3 & BS 13700. Ideal for roofs with limited space.

The Safety Solution for Engineered Lifelines

An EN 795:2012 horizontal lifeline providing fall arrest / restraint protection where guardrails are not suitable or when a virtually invisible solution is needed.

Portable Dead Weight Anchor Solution

A modular dead weight anchor fall prevention system; Kee Anchor can be used in conjunction with horizontal safety lines and for rope access work.

Rigid Rail Fall Protection System

 A modular rigid rail overhead track system. Particularly effective when users work at short free fall distances, such as carrying out operations on trains, trucks and aircraft with low ground clearances. Tested to global standards.

Safety Eyebolt Solutions

A comprehensive range of Class A1 EN 795 fixed and removable safety anchors, featuring KEYANKA and RINGANKA.

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