Façade Restoration &
Building Maintenance

Industrial Abseiling Is A Low-Cost Alternative To Using Scaffolding

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Environmental Impact

Façade Restoration & Building Maintenance

Our Specialist facade restoration and maintenance services results in great service for value meeting target budgets.
Buildings new build, old or historic, listed and much more, we cover them all.
Why not keep your building in good shape? Restore what will eventually deteriorate. Pressure washing/Steam Cleaning
can help make the work environment better for employees or residents by eliminating potentially harmful substances.
Pollen, pollutants, dust, dirt, mildew, algae, and bird droppings can lead to adverse health consequences, such as trouble
breathing, allergies, or diseases.

A clean building also benefits the businesses inside. Clients and employees will enjoy the spotless facilities and a building
they can be proud of.
Maintenance of façades is essential, thus extending the life span of a building and avoiding special damage. However,
façade maintenance is to take place safely by competent personnel using reliable equipment, not risking harm to the
building’s users or owners.
Facade cleaning should be carried out regularly.
Although it isn’t possible to stop environmental and organic matter such as moss, lichen, dust, and algae from attaching
itself to your building’s facade, regular cleaning ensures that it does no harm.
Specialist access methods allowing executions of excellence.
All methods utilising specialist access via Rope Access Abseiling, MEWPS, Cradles and Scaffolding.

• Waterproof sealing and protective coatings
• Brick Tinting, bringing life and uniform to the facade.
• Inspection and replacement of gaskets
• Roof leak and facade leak detection and repair
• Guttering Maintenance including installation and repair
• All Masonry, concrete and façade repairs
• Roofing and lead-work including Slate tile replacement
• Facade condition surveys & Integrity inspections
• External Facade restoration, Doff cleaning, jet washing and soft wash methods.Including heavily soiled areas to graffiti.
• Painting and decorating services including full external and general maintenance.

Spider Rope Access only provide services producing excellence and confidence in problem solving.We are professionals
in troubleshooting with all our staff bringing years of experience and knowledge in the industry sector.
We take pride in restoring ones development, this not only brings joy to our existing and potential prospects captivates joy
within the Spider organisation sustaining overall 100% achievement in project completion.


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