About Us

Reliability, Honesty & Friendliness Is Our Policy

Established in 2019

We adopt a consultative partnership-based approach, working closely with our valued clients to build long term relationships. The objective is to provide a strong robust foundation upon which sustainable organic growth can continue for the benefit of both the staff and our customers.

We believe that instead of focusing on the competition, focus on the customer.

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Both Tim & Eve work closely together to build the foundation of their business success.

They continually invest in the companies best interest for the team to succeed and to meet customers expectations to a high standard.​

Evelake Halcyon

Executive Director
IT | Marketing | Operations

Precision Engineer & Design Consultant by trade, Eve drives the development of the companies objectives for the best success and executes with detail in mind.

Timothy McCarthy

Managing Director
Sales | Marketing | Operations

Tim is backed up with accumulative years of experience, working on the land, carrying out works through Urban Cities, Industrial Plants, Refinery and Power Stations, working off land, delivering works on FPSO placements and coastline Wind Turbines.
Tim now brings their knowledge, experience and undefined willingness to present the best solutions, quick-thinking and efficient services.
Tim loves building relationships with like-minded individuals in the industry; these go for facilities, construction, and our very own friends in height division work.
Tim believes working together will not present competition but rather support.
Providing Technical & Niche Service at a higher standard.
Tim would like to meet you; reach out to them by following the contact page, simply drop tim a message through LinkedIn.
He is waiting patiently😊


To provide high-quality services for our valued clients. We go above and beyond to cater to each project’s specific needs. 

Through open communication and exceptional service. We believe that by working with us, together we will achieve excellence.


To establish Spider Rope Access Ltd as one of the leading high access solutions provider across London and surrounding areas. 



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